About Us

    Who are we?

    Swansea People First is a user-led organisation of and for people with learning disabilities in Swansea. and a registered charity (No: 1117899)

    We run projects, events and activities promoting rights and empowerment.


    There are around 900 people with a learning disability in Swansea that we want to support to live happy, healthy lives.

    Working together with lots of other people, projects and communities we are all about ‘Making the most of our lives!’

    Why are we here?

    People with learning disabilities often face barriers to chances and choices to lead the lives they deserve.

    In difficult times, support and services are disappearing for vulnerable people and many others in the community.

    To fight against this, we support each other to have a united voice, promoting our rights, needs and abilities.

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    We believe that information is important and are committed to making it accessible to our members and their peers.

    Empowered with confidence our members can share this with others and create a better informed and more equal Swansea.

    What are our aims?

    The main aims of Swansea People First are to:

    1) Train and support people with learning disabilities to understand and share information on health and well-being in an accessible way.

    2) Empower people with learning disabilities to learn about their rights and to speak up on issues that affect them.


    3) Represent our members and their peers to statutory authorities for the provision of improved facilities and services.

    4) Work jointly with other charities, statutory and voluntary organisations to improve the health and well-being of adults with learning disabilities

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