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SPF presents our 2nd Learning Disabilty Hustings and Question Time event ‘Your Vote is Your Voice!’ Come and join us as we ask representatives from the main parties standing for election at the Welsh Assembly in May 2016. Politics affects every part of your life so come and have a say about the things that… Read more »

SPF NEWS! – November 2015


SPF Politics Group bring you their take on events from the world of politics! This week we talk about David Cameron’s letter to his own council asking them why they are making cuts and how you can ask him a question of your own. Get in touch on (01792) 466866 or email

Swansea People First – Austerity the Game!


The Swansea People First Politics Group have been meeting since September 2014 to talk about how politics affects our lives, how to vote and to get involved. Politics affects everything you do in your life and our members hit the road to share information and skills with their peers across South Wales and hopefully inspire… Read more »

United Response – Every Vote Counts Politics Booklets

unitedresponse United Response has produced a set of free easy read resources to help people with learning disabilities find out more about what politics is, how it affects them and how they can get involved. The booklets have been created to be a tool for discussion; to be used with people in either a one… Read more »

Mencap – All About Voting

mencap Only 1/3 of people with a learning disability vote in the UK – we want to help more people use their right to vote. In this section you’ll find lots of free resources and easy read guides about voting, engaging young people in voting, and what the political parties stand for. If you have… Read more »