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Only 1/3 of people with a learning disability vote in the UK – we want to help more people use their right to vote.

In this section you’ll find lots of free resources and easy read guides about voting, engaging young people in voting, and what the political parties stand for.

If you have any questions about voting or have any concerns on election day, you can call our helpline on: 020 7696 5588

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Easy read manifestos have been produced by the main political parties to help you decide who to vote for. You can read them all here…

Voting and registering to vote

Easy read guides and free resources to tell you everything you need to know about voting or supporting someone else to vote.

Rock Enrol!

Run a Rock Enrol! session with your class, youth organisation or peer group. Young people can apply to register to vote when they are 16, but only 50% do so. These resources will help you deliver a session and be part in a growing movement to get the voices of young people heard.

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