Swansea People First – Austerity the Game!

The Swansea People First Politics Group have been meeting since September 2014 to talk about how politics affects our lives, how to vote and to get involved.


Politics affects everything you do in your life and our members hit the road to share information and skills with their peers across South Wales and hopefully inspire them to take part too!

Below is a link to our new ‘Austerity the Game!’ workshop presentation which talks about how the government gets its money and how it decides to spend it with taxes and cuts.

Austerity the Game! – PRESENTATION

Are you a winning or losing the game of austerity?

Is the game fair and what can you do if you don’t want to play?


Contact Laurie on (01792) 466866 or email info@swanseapeoplefirst.co.uk to book a politics session today!

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